VERVE Series Speakers provide extraordinary power handling, clarity and flexibility.
    FBT VERVE Series speakers are available in 10 touring grade passive models and 10 powered models, with all delivering stunning high frequency, smooth midrange
    and thick, punchy bass.   Sound Reinforcement/Production Companies, System Installers, D.J.'s and Musicians looking for the ultimate performance and portability
    can rely on FBT’s VERVE Series Speakers.

    Entirely “Manufactured in Italy” with premium quality components.  Italian made B&C® neodymium woofers, HF drivers, horns and coaxial speakers, along with
    hefty overbuilt passive crossovers, Neutrik® Speakon NL - 4 ins/outs, ¾” Baltic birch plywood cabinet construction with Tour grade black paint finish and multiple
    flying points.
            Five full range two way models: Verve 10, Verve 12, Verve 15, Verve 152, Verve 215 provide extraordinary power handling (up to 1400  w RMS & 132.5dB) with all         
.            two way models featuring fully rotatable HF horns for flexibility to meet any venue application.

    FBT’s New S.T.E.P. (Soft Trip Electronic Protection) circuitry is employed to prevent Woofer and HF Driver failures.
    Three dedicated monitors: the Verve 8m, Verve 12m & Verve 15m feature custom designed B&C® coaxial drivers with wide 90° dispersion (100° on the Verve 8m)
    providing better off axis stage monitoring coverage than conventional floor monitor designs.
    Two Subwoofers: the Verve 15s and Verve 18s with vented bass reflex design and B&C® long excursion woofers provide thick, punchy low frequency response
    down to 35Hz.

    All FBT Verve Series Speakers feature a *3 yr. Warranty. (* in  the U.S.A.)

FBT VERVE Series Passive Speaker Systems
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