FBT Maxx Powered & Passive Speaker Systems

    International Bestsellers       

    The FBT Maxx Speaker Systems have been the subject of frequent imitation although they have never been equalled.

    The FBTMaxx 10sa subwoofer with a 900w RMS Class D power amplifier, serves to enhance this highly successful range.

    The main features shared by all  2 way models in the FBT Maxx Series include:  
  • Rugged and ultra-light gas injection molded polypropylene cabinets with flowing
    lines and rounded corners for maximum versatility of applications:
  • Front of House P.A. Mains, Mobile D.J.Systems, Permanent Installations, Stage Monitors.  
  • M-10 fly points allow for permanent installation  
  • Optional wall and ceiling mounts make for easy and safe permanent installations.
    With exceptional accessibility to the control panel in all application conditions, FBT MaxX Series speakers
    are the perfect combination of weight, cutting-edge technology, high performance, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness


            FBT Maxx 4a                                                                                          FBT MaxX 4 Passive Model
           300w RMS LF+100w RMS HF                                                                 300 w RMS, 12" woofer, 1.4" HF
           12" Woofer + 1.4" HF Driver/Horn
            Processed Biamped Active Monitor

             FBT MaxX 2A                                                                                           FBT MaxX 2 Passive Model
            200w RMS LF+50w RMS HF Driver /Horn                                                250 w RMS, 10" woofer + 1.4" HF
            10" woofer +1.4" HF Driver/Horn
            Processed Biamped Active Monitor

                               FBT  MaxX 10SA
        900w RMS - 15" Woofer                                                                   
        Vented Bandpass Design Processed Active Subwoofer
Technical Sheets
Maxx 4a        Maxx 2a               Maxx 10sa        
Maxx 4          Maxx 2       
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